HTML5 vs Flash: The Real Question

I read an article on Gizmodo which intelligently and articulately analyzed the claim that HTML5 was a Flash killer. They quoted many research sources and spoke of many real world industry imperatives, ultimately leading to a very honest and pragmatic conclusion. I was very impressed to read such a cogent comparison and analysis and I firmly recommend that if you are a Flash developer who’s worried about your future, you have a read of this and put your mind at rest.

But for me, Ny Quil crystalised the triviality of the threat to Flash in one question : “The real question is this: will HTML5 make it easier or harder for me to get porn?”

BBC announce new iPlayer

Being heavily involved in the IPTV sector we have to say that the continual improvements in the BBC’s iPlayer are very welcome. They are in a unique non-profit requirement position to make products which are simply excellent and not constrained by insane client deadlines, unrealistic budgets or any sort of commercial RoI requirement. Bundle this with the BBC’s approach to using the best people and technology partners in the industry to produce their visionary solutions and what you have is an incredible recipe for world leading, technically excellent solutions. This alone is reason enough for paying your TV licence fee.

The new player which was announced today, will have a number of improvements including:


  • Cleaner user experience, with three discovery areas
  • –Sliding drawers: Featured, For you, Most popular, Friends
    –TV Channels: TV listings page, showing what’s on now
    –Categories: browse by genre and sub-genre

  • Separate TV & Radio
  • –No longer grouped together, easier to browse
    –Radio console
    –Pop-up console runs while you browse

  • Channel-hop whilst watching live
  • –Quick links in viewing window, one-click to flip between channels

  • BBC iPlayer Desktop
  • –Download favourites in advance to save time
    –Easier to watch favourite programmes offline

  • Improved viewing experience
  • –Fewer buttons
    –Larger screen
    –Higher quality video


  • Favourites
  • –Tell BBC iPlayer what you like, and it will line programmes up in a convenient playlist
    –New programmes, expiring programmes and unwatched programmes are flagged so it’s easier to keep track

  • Improved recommendations based on what you watch and listen to
  • –Stored in local cookies, or via BBC iD
    –Families can log in through separate IDs: individual experiences through the same machine
    –Improved programme alerts delivered via email, so you don’t miss a thing

  • Roam with BBC iD
  • –Log in to store preferences, so you pick up where you left off on another computer

  • Customisable EPG
  • –List your favourite channels and stations


  • Connect with Facebook
  • –Post content directly to your wall to recommend and share with friends

  • Sync with Twitter
  • –Auto-tweet to recommend and pass links to friends

  • Live chat with friends using Windows Live Messenger
  • –Log in to Windows Live Messenger through BBC iPlayer
    –Forward links to others online: watch on-demand at the same time
    –Comment live on programmes as they air

Build an App in a week

Join Adobe platform evangelists for how to build an interactive application from start to finish in just one week. Use Flash Catalyst CS5 to create user interactions and states based on visual design from Ilustrator CS5 and Photoshop CS5. Leverage Flex 4 and Flash Builder 4 to connect to PHP and Java backends. Work with Flash Professional CS5 and Device Central to develop mobile versions that use the latest Flash Player 10.1 device APIs. Create desktop versions in AIR that go beyond the browser. And finally, incorporate social and collaboration capabilities with LiveCycle Collaboration Services and Flash Player 10.1 P2P APIs. See the full schedule below:

June 7th – 12:00 – 13:00 GMT Erase the Designer to Developer gap: Adding interactions to your design with Serge Jespers

June 7th – 15:00 – 16:00 GMT Connecting your design to PHP services with Mihai Corlan

June 8th – 12:00 – 13:00 GMT Connecting a web application to a J2EE backend using Flash Builder 4 with Michael Chaize 

June 8th – 15:00 – 16:00 GMT Working with Flash CS5 components in your Flash Builder 4 project with Mike Jones

June 9th – 12:00 – 13:00 GMT Going multi-user with P2P in Flash Player 10.1 with Tom Krcha

June 9th – 15:00 – 16:00 GMT Developing multi-user applications with LiveCycle services with Tom Krcha

June 10th – 12:00 – 13:00 GMT Bringing web Applications to the desktop with AIR 2.0 with Piotr Walczyscyn 

Jun 10th – 15:00 – 16:00 GMT Code once and run on multiple mobile devices with Mark Doherty 

Learn more and register today.

Internet World show Earls Court OMG!

In the immortal words of Bart Simpson “I didn’t think it was possible, but this actually sucked AND blew at the same time”.

Internet World 2010 report

The Internet World show is no longer all that the internet can be, it’s a big pitch fest for Marketers, SEOs, CMSs and eCommerce payment vendors with a pinch of development consultancies thrown in for good luck and most of them were the off the shelf kind. This show used to be for the Internet professional. There is no sign of that any more. I learned literally nothing, well, except for ‘don’t go to the Internet World show if the internet is your profession’. Where’s the innovation? Where’s the niche / specialist vendors?

London Flash Developers and Designers official Adobe user group

I  have mentioned the LFDD user group before but the London Flash Developer and Designer user group is now officially an Adobe recognised and supported user group. It is also recognised and supported by Friends of Ed so as well as speakers, question time and personal presentation opportunities, it a;so benefits from all the things the official Adobe and FoE recognition brings, including book and software prizes to be won.

The group is dedicated to beginners and intermediates, as there are already 2 advanced user groups in London for Flash and Flex. But what does that mean? Who should go to the group? Well, broadly speaking, if you can answer ‘yes’ to any of the following then this is the group for you:

  • You want to learn Flash development or design.
  • You want to progress from actionscript 2 to actionscript 3.
  • You want to move from procedural coding to Object Oriented coding.
  • You want to learn about UML and pattern based coding.
  • You want to learn more of the sexy concept and design techniques made possible by products like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.
  • You want to learn about video encoding and delivery techniques.
  • You want to learn about games programming and design in Flash.
  • You want to learn how to deliver your projects using best practices and good process.
  • You want an introduction to doing 3D in Flash.
  • You want to know about audio in Flash and Soundbooth.
  • You want to speak to industry experts about your work, career choices and the latest technology.
  • You want to share your latest work and ideas with a group of fellow enthusiasts.
  • You want to get into mobile development.
  • You want to get real live industry feedback on what technologies and work are being used and done out there.
  • You want more…:)

The group meets once a month (the penultimate Thursday of every month) at the South Bank University’s Keyworth Center on the 1st floor. There is just now an Adobe user group official site for it ( Everyone is welcome no matter what your background of expertise. It’s a very open and friendly group and if you have knowledge to share then it always welcomed.

If there are topics you’d like to see covered then please let us know as we have the expertise and the connections with Adobe to make it happen. we’ll also be giving away Adobe software from time to time and Friends of Ed have generously donated any amount of excellent books to give out as prizes (or if you’re willing to read them and write a review of the book for the user group site)

Talk – Iain Lobb on Games in Flash at the LFDD

ok, so the London Flash Developers and Designers group, who will be referred to as the LFDD from now on, with which we are affiliated,  have Iain Lobb talking there tomorrow night on Games development and design in Flash. Iain has done some great work and has spoken on the subject at Flash on the Beach. If you are a budding games developer or designer then sign up and get along to the South Bank University’s Keyworth building on the 1st floor tomorrow night. Nearest tube is Elephant and Castle (just round the corner).

Iain’s talk will include:

  • Input and controls.
  • Cameras and scrolling.
  • Side-on VS top-down – 3D perspective.
  • Business models / making money.
  • Multi-user.
  • Blitting vs. DisplayList.
  • Frameworks and libraries that can help you.
  • Game design principles.

Talk – Moving to Object Oriented Development in Flash

One of our senior partners will be giving a talk for beginners and intermediates alike at the London Flash Developer and Designer’s user group this Thursday the 26th at 7pm at the London South Bank University’s Keyworth Center.

The talk on moving to OO development in Flash/actionscript is aimed at answering the many questions of why and how to move from procedural development in actionscript to Object Oriented analysis and develpment.

To find out more about this group and talk, please see the entry at FlashCoder.

New London Flash User Group…sort of

I’m a reasonably regular attendee of many of the community events and user groups. I believe firmly that the uniquely strong community spirit that exists in the Flash world is one of it’s great strengths. I know I would never have been as successful a Flash Platform developer as I am without the selfless help and advise I received over the years from countless friends and colleagues.
And that spirit is contagious. I now give back to the community myself through things like going on to forums and answering as many questions as I have time for, attending user groups and running community events like This all helps raise the general level of expertise within the industry and is good for all of us.
I recently discovered a London Flash user group based in South Bank University run by a very nice guy called David Wright: The London Flash Developers and Designers user group. It’s a stone’s throw from Elephant and Castle tube station. It has around 350 signed up members – though obviously not all of them turn up 😉 and it’s actually been around for quite a long time. Continue reading

FREE Ticket to Flash on the Beach – winner

Congratulations to Mark Brown 🙂

Reed Professional Services have generously given us a ticket to Flash on the Beach to give away. Yes, just give away! They’re crazy here at Crazy ReedPS! They don’t want your name or your phone number or your bank account details or to know if “you know someone else” who does your job who IS available even though you’re not. Nope, none of that. Just email us here at Logic Bureau and tell us who you are, what you do and that you can go to Flash on the Beach on Monday 21st thru Wednesday 23rd and it’s yours. Obviously it does NOT come with travel or accommodation so don’t ask. We’ll pick a name out of the hat tomorrow evening and email the winner. This ticket will be in your name so it’s non transferable.

In case you don’t know, Flash on the Beach is sold out now so this is one of your last chances to go.

Incase you’re wondering who Reed Professional Services are, they’re not Reed Recruitment, but they are one of the sponsors at Flash on the Beach.