London Flash Developers and Designers official Adobe user group

I  have mentioned the LFDD user group before but the London Flash Developer and Designer user group is now officially an Adobe recognised and supported user group. It is also recognised and supported by Friends of Ed so as well as speakers, question time and personal presentation opportunities, it a;so benefits from all the things the official Adobe and FoE recognition brings, including book and software prizes to be won.

The group is dedicated to beginners and intermediates, as there are already 2 advanced user groups in London for Flash and Flex. But what does that mean? Who should go to the group? Well, broadly speaking, if you can answer ‘yes’ to any of the following then this is the group for you:

  • You want to learn Flash development or design.
  • You want to progress from actionscript 2 to actionscript 3.
  • You want to move from procedural coding to Object Oriented coding.
  • You want to learn about UML and pattern based coding.
  • You want to learn more of the sexy concept and design techniques made possible by products like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.
  • You want to learn about video encoding and delivery techniques.
  • You want to learn about games programming and design in Flash.
  • You want to learn how to deliver your projects using best practices and good process.
  • You want an introduction to doing 3D in Flash.
  • You want to know about audio in Flash and Soundbooth.
  • You want to speak to industry experts about your work, career choices and the latest technology.
  • You want to share your latest work and ideas with a group of fellow enthusiasts.
  • You want to get into mobile development.
  • You want to get real live industry feedback on what technologies and work are being used and done out there.
  • You want more…:)

The group meets once a month (the penultimate Thursday of every month) at the South Bank University’s Keyworth Center on the 1st floor. There is just now an Adobe user group official site for it ( Everyone is welcome no matter what your background of expertise. It’s a very open and friendly group and if you have knowledge to share then it always welcomed.

If there are topics you’d like to see covered then please let us know as we have the expertise and the connections with Adobe to make it happen. we’ll also be giving away Adobe software from time to time and Friends of Ed have generously donated any amount of excellent books to give out as prizes (or if you’re willing to read them and write a review of the book for the user group site)

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