Why user-centric UX is so important

“User-Centric” is not a buzzword. Its really important. It should seem obvious that making your digital experience as empathetic to your user’s needs as possible will result in the greatest business goal conversions, be that sales, signups, awareness or something else…but mostly sales 😉

If you get it right you’ll leave your competitors in the dust. Of course if your competitors get it right they’ll leave you in the dust. However there are a lot digital experiences out there that still don’t take a user-centric approach, so a significant window of opportunity remains.

Naturally you should employ UX best practices to deliver this, but good UX is not to be confused with a good user-centric solution.

Good UX ensures you deliver your solution in an intuitive and simple manner, removing inconvenience and inefficiency from the experience, distilling it to it’s essence and rationalising it’s capabilities. Continue reading

Technology Trend Consortium Predictions for 2012

Well it’s that time of year again (actually it’s a bit late) where the consortium of geeks convene and put their technology predictions for the next year in the hat. So here they are, in no particular order:

2012 Technology Predictions

1. Greater utility (Mashups being used more) – public data APIs are huge and we are massively under utilizing them and they WILL add a huge amount of value and utility to client solutions. Much more data is due to come on line this year. Their power lies in using multiple, symbiotic APIs to create utility that is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s interesting that television has been going through a change that has much in common with the trend in APIs this year: “Channels are much less important now. Content is the new king”
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