Love 3D building projection or just love Vienna?

Personally we love both.

On the evening of Monday 8th November the Vienna Tourist Board will be presenting a 3D building projection experience at the Imagination building in Store Street just round the corner from Tottenham Court Road. If you’ve never been to one of these then you will be in for an amazing experience. Essentially a 3D laser measurement and model are made of the entire building to be projected on to and then the display movie(s) and experience are rendered to make maximum use of the building’s architecture. We don’t know what the Vienna Tourist Board will be showing exactly but for more details on the event click here. Some of these building projections are totally mind blowing! You may not even believe that they are just projections.

If you want to see a couple of awesome examples then go here

BBC Radio 1 presenter, Reggie Yates will also be there to meet and greet and even if you don’t like the 3D, who could not love Vienna? A place where Cafe culture is the norm, women are beautiful and moustaches are still status symbols.  A most incredibly beautiful city dripping with class, culture and history. The Vienna Tourist Board want to show us how Vienna is today, how it combines the old with the new. No, we don’t work for them, we’ve just lived over there so we know how beautiful it is 🙂 – come along and see for yourself.

BBC announce new iPlayer

Being heavily involved in the IPTV sector we have to say that the continual improvements in the BBC’s iPlayer are very welcome. They are in a unique non-profit requirement position to make products which are simply excellent and not constrained by insane client deadlines, unrealistic budgets or any sort of commercial RoI requirement. Bundle this with the BBC’s approach to using the best people and technology partners in the industry to produce their visionary solutions and what you have is an incredible recipe for world leading, technically excellent solutions. This alone is reason enough for paying your TV licence fee.

The new player which was announced today, will have a number of improvements including:


  • Cleaner user experience, with three discovery areas
  • –Sliding drawers: Featured, For you, Most popular, Friends
    –TV Channels: TV listings page, showing what’s on now
    –Categories: browse by genre and sub-genre

  • Separate TV & Radio
  • –No longer grouped together, easier to browse
    –Radio console
    –Pop-up console runs while you browse

  • Channel-hop whilst watching live
  • –Quick links in viewing window, one-click to flip between channels

  • BBC iPlayer Desktop
  • –Download favourites in advance to save time
    –Easier to watch favourite programmes offline

  • Improved viewing experience
  • –Fewer buttons
    –Larger screen
    –Higher quality video


  • Favourites
  • –Tell BBC iPlayer what you like, and it will line programmes up in a convenient playlist
    –New programmes, expiring programmes and unwatched programmes are flagged so it’s easier to keep track

  • Improved recommendations based on what you watch and listen to
  • –Stored in local cookies, or via BBC iD
    –Families can log in through separate IDs: individual experiences through the same machine
    –Improved programme alerts delivered via email, so you don’t miss a thing

  • Roam with BBC iD
  • –Log in to store preferences, so you pick up where you left off on another computer

  • Customisable EPG
  • –List your favourite channels and stations


  • Connect with Facebook
  • –Post content directly to your wall to recommend and share with friends

  • Sync with Twitter
  • –Auto-tweet to recommend and pass links to friends

  • Live chat with friends using Windows Live Messenger
  • –Log in to Windows Live Messenger through BBC iPlayer
    –Forward links to others online: watch on-demand at the same time
    –Comment live on programmes as they air

Palm Pre, video, and the connected consumers.

Palm. Palm. Palm.
Just a short few years ago – 2007, actually – they were posting a 43% drop in profit for the same quarter in the previous year, with reports that “hundreds” of employees were having their security passes deactivated during fire drills.

These days, Palm are getting their swagger on. With a brand new device, why shouldn’t they feel more confident?
Shipping over 100,000 of their flagship Palm Pre devices, with another 100,000 in July and 200,000 estimated to ship in August. Completely destroying Sprint’s current sales record in the process.

Not content with re-entering the race with a brand new device, and first mainstream mobile phone wireless charger, the Touchstone, they have also developed a new operating system, the webOS. Continue reading