War. There’s an app for that.

War, urg, what is it good for? iPhone apps apparently.

US defence firm Raytheon has just announced it’s new anti-missile system iPhone app. ‘Patriot Crew Drill’ is a multiple-choice game that will sadly not be available to joe-public on the App Store. The company says it sees combat apps making the iPhone a “war zone tool”. They have a number of other apps on the site to.

Maybe this will marginalize the war with Adobe 🙂

HTML5 vs Flash: The Real Question

I read an article on Gizmodo which intelligently and articulately analyzed the claim that HTML5 was a Flash killer. They quoted many research sources and spoke of many real world industry imperatives, ultimately leading to a very honest and pragmatic conclusion. I was very impressed to read such a cogent comparison and analysis and I firmly recommend that if you are a Flash developer who’s worried about your future, you have a read of this and put your mind at rest.

But for me, Ny Quil crystalised the triviality of the threat to Flash in one question : “The real question is this: will HTML5 make it easier or harder for me to get porn?”