Palm Pre pt 1 – Talking for the first time (Hello World)

Not content with re-entering the race with a brand new device, and first mainstream mobile phone wireless charger, the Touchstone, they have also developed a new operating system, the webOS, which uses Mojo.

Mojo is an MVC (Model-View-Controller) application framework, based on the HTML 5, CSS, and JavaScript web standards. Applications that are built using Mojo can be run at native speeds and have access to a wide range of APIs to access device specific functions and services.

Palm Pre, video, and the connected consumers.

Users are starting to get comfortable with this kind of access, and they’ll begin to demand more of a connected computer experience. Mobile phones are no longer phones, they are bordering on becoming mobile internet devices.
What’s stopping these consumers from becoming the connected consumers of the future? A few different aspects, but vendors are starting to make inroads to battle these obstacles.