Internet World show Earls Court OMG!

In the immortal words of Bart Simpson “I didn’t think it was possible, but this actually sucked AND blew at the same time”.

Internet World 2010 report

The Internet World show is no longer all that the internet can be, it’s a big pitch fest for Marketers, SEOs, CMSs and eCommerce payment vendors with a pinch of development consultancies thrown in for good luck and most of them were the off the shelf kind. This show used to be for the Internet professional. There is no sign of that any more. I learned literally nothing, well, except for ‘don’t go to the Internet World show if the internet is your profession’. Where’s the innovation? Where’s the niche / specialist vendors?

3 thoughts on “Internet World show Earls Court OMG!

  1. I can’t comment on Internet World’s previous shows, as this was my first time, but the Internet has changed. It’s not just for techies anymore, its something that is important to everyone within an organisation so has to be aimed at a different target audience than before. I thought the semiar’s were great, with some interesting things to think about…

  2. Having gone to many excellent (but internet professional targeted) Internetworld shows, I found that the focus is not shared across all the interested parties but in fact totally refocused on the new target demographic of existing internet businesses and their secondary needs of marketing, SeO, content management and taking payments. I could count only 2 stalls that were offering proper development services but obviously they were of no interest to me as an internet professional. I can only assume that you went to different seminars to me as the seminars I went to touched very basically on their subject material and then blatantly pitched that they were the people to solve your problems. Some of them started the pitch straight away.

    I’m not suggesting that this isn’t all very useful for their new target audience but it could offer so much more in the way of serious networking and innovation opportunities if they spread the love to serious internet professionals as well, as they used to do.

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